I was born in Ancona, an Italian town and I live in a small seaside town in Italy. Since I was young I have been interested in painting and drawing and I have always drawn or painted. After leaving school I would have liked to study fine arts but my family wanted me to study law and I did so, but I continued to draw and paint.

In 2004 I went to a drawing course, I discovered Mayan art and I fell in love with its spikes and spirals. Mayan art is underlying my paintings when I do not work on commission and even then. Later on I have always gone on reworking the idea of spikes and spirals and experiencing the oil technique.

In 2007 I got noticed by an art critic and I exhibited my works in a collective exhibition in Ancona. That was my first art show and after that I exhibited in other collective exhibitions organized by my region.
At present I go on painting under the influence of Mayan art trying to give substance to my style. I also work on commission and I rework paintings of famous artists according to what I feel.